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Marcia Llyneth Griffith

Marcia Llyneth Griffitsh, born November 23, 1949, in West Kingston, Jamaica, was also known as the Queen of Reggae. Ze started her career in 1964, performing on stage with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, at the behest of Philip James of The Blues Busters. He had heard her singing in her neighbourhood. Her performance was so impressive, that the following day she received two contract offers. She chose to record for Dodd’s Studio One label, where she recorded with artists like Tony Gregory and Bob Marley.


Between 1974 and 1981, she was a member of the I Threes, a trio of backing singers. They supported Bob Marley & The Wailers. She continued to record as a solo artist as well. 


Marcia Griffiths currently owns the highest-selling single by a female reggae singer of all time. She achieved this with the song Electric Boogie.